Transform your life with
Feng Shui and Energywork

Feng Shui is the art of cultivating and communicating with the positive life force energies or "Chi" of the Earth and directing these energies to improve your environment. The Earth and our physical environments teach us by mirroring on the outside what we need to pay attention to within ourselves. Your home and office are external reflections that can become catalysts for improving your life. By changing your surroundings with the intention of cultivating positive chi, you literally create a prayer that is constantly working for your higher good. These solutions or "Chi Cures" create beauty and enliven the flow of life force energy throughout your environment. By using feng shui solutions I will help you to harmonize your energy with that of your home and office and assist you to energize your life goals.

"Lisa was thorough and gave us good, common sense, economical ideas for balancing the energy of our home. Utilizing the feng shui solutions she suggested we have continued to see positive improvement in the flow of money, love and health in our lives. Before we spend any more money on home improvement projects, we'll consult Lisa first and be dollars ahead. "
~ Jennette Kienholz, Portland

Lisa Hersh, Instructor & Consultant
Member, Oregon Feng Shui Guild & International Feng Shui Guild



Feng Shui Northwest, Feng Shui and Energywork, and Gypsies of the Sea Designs, opened in 1999, after completing a three year certification course in Black Hat Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui with Ann-Marie Holmes, and I have continued to develop Feng Shui knowledge through study with FS Master Thomas Lin Yun and David Daniel Kennedy. I am a graduate from the University of Kansas with a BGS in psychology and studied metal smith and jewelry design at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts.

Personal Feng Shui consultation's are the majority of my business and are primarily conducted at the home or office location of the client. My consultations and classes are a unique combination of over ten years of Feng Shui training and experience and twenty years of Intuitive Spiritual Counseling and teaching Energywork. I begin my consultations by focusing on my client's personal goals, and then briefly teaching important Feng Shui basics, together we will systematically assess the strengths and weaknesses of your entire environment from a Feng Shui perspective according the nine section Ba-Gua map. During the consultation, I offer my clients Feng Shui solutions to help cultivate more abundance in their lives. My goal, by the time the session is complete, is to assist you to feel comfortable using these empowering Feng Shui principles to transform your house or business, enhance and activate the interface between you and your environment and help you revolutionize your perspective about your instincts and your intuition. I love doing my consultations and I have a lot of fun with my clients, I provide a tape of the session but recommend you take additional notes. Your environment is a direct reflection of how life experience is enfolding, bringing your home into balance is an important key in consciously manifesting your reality.

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling
The focus of an intuitive spiritual counseling session is to assist the client to gather personal information they can use to attain a different perspective on how to approach current life issues. Reflected energetically in your central channel is your individual blueprint, your patterns of interacting are structured within this energetic core that enfolds your spine and body. Together we will utilize the insights from the reading to call upon your higher level angels and guides to assist you in clearing your central channel and energetic fields to receive healing on all levels.
Session cost: $100.00 per hour. Personal and telephone consultations available.

Animal Clan-Human Intuitive Counseling Session
The focus of an animal-human intuitive counseling session is to assist the client to gather personal information they can use to attain a different perspective on how to approach current life/relationship issues with animals. Cost: $75.00

Feng Shui Party / Consultation Package
Learn feng shui, have fun and relax with your friends in the comfort of your own home. Gather 10 friends together who are interested in feng shui. I will come to your home and provide a one hour class covering the basics of feng shui. The cost of the class is $15.00 per person. The hostess will have the opportunity to receive a Feng Shui Consultation, the same day of the party, at $100.00 discount off the regular price.

Feng Shui your Business for Greater Prosperity
A Feng Shui consultation can assist you to maximize the potential successful prosperity flow within your office work space by activating the wealth, career, fame, helpful people sections of your business environment.

Feng Shui Northwest Consultations and Services

Feng Shui Consultations: $100.00 per hour
Houses with lot and larger businesses: 3 hour session minimum
Small apartment and Office consultations: 2 hour session minimum

$25.00 Introductory Discount for new customers, or tell your friends about my services and as a Thank You for each active referral, receive a one time $25.00 Discount off a FSNW consultation or day workshop.

How to Schedule
For a consultation appointment or to reserve your space in a workshop contact:

Lisa Hersh - Feng Shui Northwest
5325 NE Flanders, Portland, Oregon 97213
(503) 238-8681

The teaching Studio is open during designated appointment times only.

Directions to the studio: I-5 to 84 E to the 58th street exit. Turn right off exit onto Glisan go to 53rd St. turn left go one block turn left onto Flanders. I-205 to 84 W to the 43rd St. exit turn right onto Halsey, turn right onto 47th then left onto Glisan, right onto 53rd, go one block turn left onto Flanders. An alternative route from downtown: Follow E. Burnside, turn left (north) at 55th turn left onto Flanders.


"My consultations and classes are a unique combination of ten years of feng shui experience and training and intuitive skill. I begin each session by focusing on my clients personal goals. Then together we assess your home or office from a feng shui perspective. During the consultation, I offer my clients feng shui solutions to help cultivate more abundance in their lives." "Since applying feng shui solutions in my home and business, I have seen an improvement in money flow, my relationships have been enhanced and these cures continue to promote good health and balance between my work and home life. I am happy to bring feng shui techniques and philosophies to you and assist other people in attaining their goals." ~ Lisa Hersh