Horse Clan – Equine Therapy

• Equine Structural Integration Rebalancing
• Equine Myofascial, Craniosacral, and Massage Therapy
• Energywork, animal communication, and Feng Shui

Sessions utilize a beneficial combination of therapeutic and rehabilitative equine craniosacral release, myofascial structural re-balancing and massage therapy techniques to; improve circulation and range of motion, enhance attitude, muscle tone, athletic performance and endurance, relieve pain and reduce muscle spasm, tension and stiffness. Help your horse feel great through healing touch.

Equine Structural Integration Rebalancing Series

Structural integration therapy is a unique diagnostic way of looking at he overall health of the horse that builds trust, honors and respects the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the horse while restoring and maintaining complete health, abilities and balance. This five-session series is designed to restore fuller mobility to each muscle and integrate that mobility into the horse’s movement. The first three sessions work systematically to build trust and map out the horse’s injury and tension patterns, focusing fascial work on holding patterns in surface musculature and connective tissue. Sessions three through five reinforce changes and concentrate deeper level work on muscle groups that share movement function, free up superficial and midlevel fascial restrictions in the shoulders, pelvis, lumbar and hip joints, and assist movement in tendons and musculature of all four legs. The intension is to balance vertical line integration with horizontal line cohesion, connect front and hind end through the barrel, and create stability and equilibrium moving or standing. Benefits of this work result in a more integrated movement pattern with muscle quadrants strengthening flexibility of fascia and bringing out the natural fluidity and power of whole body motion. This powerful structural series of sequentially unraveling a horse’s fascial structure brings the horse’s suspensory system of bones, muscles and connective tissue back into balance and alignment, and the biomechanics of a horse’s movement changes dramatically.

Compassion and respect are the foundations of my work, beginning age of nine with Misty my first horse and with other horses throughout my life; I have worked to develop calm supportive animal rapport skills reflective of my deep love of horses and other animals. During my sessions I work with the horse on all levels utilizing internal energetic visual information and kinesthetic animal communication. Horses are no-nonsense clients and down to earth teachers, they know others more by their energy than by sight, and listen to and communicate verbally and non-verbally opening these energetic language channels of communication is profound work that is capable of changing not only the lives of horses, but also has therapeutic benefit to everyone involved. The intention of this work is to encourage a happier, healthier, more willing and able partner, when horses feel freer movement, they readily adopt it, couple this work with an exercise program to support the structural changes, and horses have steady improvement and lasting results. Two advanced ESTB follow up sessions recommended over the next year. Alternative healing modalities, and natural horsemanship methods of training and handling horses compliment other concurrent care, often times a complete team of professionals including veterinarians, farriers, equine chiropractors and dentists all work together to provide the best care.

My training includes Equine Myofascial Structural Rebalancing, Crainosacral, Massage, Stretching and Nutrition through the Equine Natural Movement Series from instructor Joseph Freeman and from work with trainers Missy Farmer, Denise Ashcraft and Dan Miller, and Certified in Equine Massage through the Northwest College of Animal Massage.

Equine Structural Integration Rebalancing:
• First Session with Evaluation: $125.00
• Individual Sessions: $100.00
• Three-Session Series: $250.00
• Five-Session Series: $425.00

For a consultation appointment or to reserve space in a class or workshop contact us:
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5325 NE Flanders Street, Portland, Oregon 97213

Directions to the studio: I-5 to 84 E to the 58th street exit. Turn right off exit onto Glisan go to 53rd St. turn left go one block turn left onto Flanders. I-205 to 84 W to the 43rd St. exit turn right onto Halsey, turn right onto 47th then left onto Glisan, right onto 53rd, go one block turn left onto Flanders. An alternative route from downtown: Follow E. Burnside, turn left (north) at 55th turn left onto Flanders.

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